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Liang He will present his research projects on fabrication at ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication and attend the first SIGCHI Summer School Computational Fabrication and Smart Matter. He will share his previous work and recent research with computational fabrication community. He will be granted ACM SIGCHI Travel Fund for attending the summer school.

We are excited to announce that Project SqueezaPulse has been conditionally accepted to TEI 2017 Papers.


Early Explorations of Deformable Interactive Designs with 3D-Printed Springs

Liang He  Joshua Land  Huaishu Peng  Mark Fuge  Jon E. Froehlich 

SCF 2017

MakerWear: A Tangible Approach to Interactive Wearable Creation for Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar  Jason McPeak  Alex Jiao  Liang He  Thomas Outing  Jon E. Froehlich 

Proceedings of CHI 2017

SqueezaPulse: Adding Interactive Input to Fabricated Objects Using Corrugated Tubes and Air Pulses

Liang He  Gierad Laput  Eric Brockmeyer  Jon E. Froehlich 

Proceedings of TEI'17

ReWear: Early Explorations of a Modular Wearable Construction Kit for Young Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar  Liang He  Katie Wang  Chloe Aloimonos  Tony Cheng  Jon E. Froehlich 

CHI '16 Extended Abstracts


Tech+Design: Interaction Design for a Purpose

Soheil Behnezhad Liang He Majeed Kazemitabaar Manaswi Saha

Nov. 3, 2016 University of Maryland, College Park