Tohme: Detecting Curb Ramps in Google Street View Using Crowdsourcing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning

Kotaro Hara  Jin Sun  Robert Moore  David Jacobs  Jon E. Froehlich 

Proceedings of UIST 2014

An Initial Study of Automatic Curb Ramp Detection with Crowdsourced Verification using Google Street View Images

Kotaro Hara  Jin Sun  Jonah Chazan  David Jacobs  Jon E. Froehlich 

Poster Proceedings of HCOMP 2013

Exploring Early Solutions for Automatically Identifying Inaccessible Sidewalks in the Physical World using Google Street View

Kotaro Hara  Victoria Le  Jin Sun  David Jacobs  Jon E. Froehlich 

HCIC2013 Workshop